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November 18, 2022–Innovation in design is driven by people’s preferences and what’s possible through the latest technology. User experience and user interface design are related practices that balance creating effective websites while piquing users’ interest by using the latest trends. The internet is a vast place and new trends are evolving all the time. With our 20

Best UX Pattern for a Website Navigation With Dropdown Menus

July 7, 2022–Here at ExpandTheRoom we are constantly designing and reimagining information architectures and website navigation schemes for our clients. There are many different patterns and unique challenges to address with these projects. Those challenges often become a lot more complex than you realize at the surface level. One question that comes up often is “What is

12 Website Best Practices You May Have Overlooked

April 14, 2022–Clients ask us all the time to re-center their digital thinking. You are not alone. Because the Board Meeting is Friday, because budgets are due, and because that’s the way things go in business, we often find ourselves being reactive rather than proactive. We’ll let you in on a little secret, with 20 years of

How to Create a UX Research Plan

December 21, 2021–You are launching a new website, your first big project as the VP of Marketing. The site launches and flops. Traffic starts declining. Customers are leaving faster than you can bring in new ones. What happened? How can you fix it? Could it have been prevented?

Data Insights Services — Measuring UX Impact and ROI

March 8, 2021–Data Insights help you go beyond assumptions about what the best solutions for your product are and instead create research-backed, measurable insights on what truly works and what can be improved. Watch or read the transcript on Kerrin McLaughlin’s presentation on how Data Insights can help your team level up.

Digital Design Process: Drive Successful Outcomes

May 4, 2020–Here are the proven steps we take to get a digital product from kickoff to launch and through to growth and optimization. “What’s your process? What makes you different/better? Why should we work with ExpandTheRoom over others?” These are the questions that new clients often ask us, so we thought others may find value in

How to Kick Off a Web Design Project Using ETR’s Proven Method [With Free Template]

December 16, 2019–Not so long ago, before ExpandTheRoom went distributed, I would start my workday with a commute that took me down the Westside Highway along the Hudson River. At 46th Street I would pass by the awe-inspiring USS Intrepid aircraft carrier which is moored there and hosts the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Every time

The Flexibility vs. Usability Design Tradeoff: How It Impacts Your Ideas

September 16, 2019–Your big idea has a starting point. A place where you take it from a thought you had in line at the coffee shop to something with forward movement that you’re going to make happen. Make the path you’re about to take an informed one, when it comes to the flexibility and usability of design.

Mental Models: Why They Are Getting in Your Way

January 7, 2019–I have been thinking a lot about Mental Models lately — or rather, why it is so hard to change them. My husband and I recently had our first child and she wouldn’t drink cold bottles. Every time we prepared to go out we had to get together our bottle warming system. We would make

Explaining Our Eight Principles of Purpose-Driven Design

March 19, 2018–In many ways, process is the currency on which designers trade. The ability to tell the story of how you arrived at a particular design solution is every bit as important as anyone’s design deliverable itself. The ability to articulate how we’re going to turn a potential client’s great idea into a functional, valuable product

How to Choose the Right Typeface for Your Website

September 8, 2016–If you design and build websites, you probably feel confident using typefaces. However, when it comes to choosing typefaces, you may have trouble knowing where to look and what to look for. As Associate Design Director at ExpandTheRoom, I design digital products for a variety of brands, from small non-profits to large publishing companies. Part

Learnings From Delivering a Massive Design Project Solely on UXPin

June 21, 2016–In July of 2015, ExpandTheRoom kicked off a massive design project for a large, multinational travel IT company that provides a variety of products and services to airlines around the world. We collaborated with them to redesign their consumer-facing flight reservation system (what you would find at an airline’s homepage) and a similar booking system