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How to Improve the Success Rate of Your Website Content Migration

May 1, 2023–If your company has a website, there will come a time when you’ll want to redesign or replatform. It’s not a matter of if this will happen, but when. Because in digital nothing stays the same for long. When that happens, you’ll be faced with a content migration: the transfer of your assets (copy, images,

5 Ways We’re Using Artificial Intelligence as a Web Design Agency Right Now

March 29, 2023–We are testing the many tools powered by A.I. that have arrived recently in order to see how they could help improve our processes.

Making More of Your Data: From Storytelling to Future-Prepping

February 6, 2023–Every company has core services and offerings that are just a bit outside of their wheelhouse. Smart companies have a strong network of experts that they can bring in when the need demands it. The Catalyst Partners, with whom we work on larger-scale data projects, is one of these exceptional partners. In this piece, Catalyst’s

Why Use TailwindCSS?

January 18, 2023–Tailwind bills itself as “a utility-first framework packed with classes … that can be composed to build any design, directly in your markup.” Great, but what does that mean? It means Tailwind is not another UI kit like Bootstrap or Material UI, and that means your Tailwind site won’t look like every other Tailwind site…

SEO Tips for Article Writing

November 28, 2022–Search engine optimization best practices are really important to keep top of mind so that you can make sure that the great content that you’re writing is actually getting picked up on search engines. Read on for some tips on how to write articles that maximize search visibility.

Here’s Why Now is the Right Time to Implement GA4

July 7, 2022–It’s the Perfect Time to Migrate Your Analytics to GA4. Here’s What’s Got Us Excited – and Other Things to Consider Big changes are coming to Google Analytics on July 1, 2023. It is a great time to get their next-gen product, GA4, up and running. Doing this sooner rather than later will ensure your

How to Check Web Accessibility with a Screen Reader and Keyboard

September 3, 2021–Note, the following is a transcript of the video above adapted for reading. You can access a direct transcript using the captions feature in the video player.  At ExpandTheRoom,  we often help audit our client’s websites for compliance with WCAG, which is the web content accessibility guidelines. These guidelines lay out techniques for making accessible

California Consumer Privacy Act: Get Up to Speed [Free Guide]

December 9, 2019–A few years ago, the forthcoming GDPR shook up the web design industry — online companies and agencies alike scrambled to understand the legal jargon behind the law so they could protect themselves and their clients. As a response, we created a GDPR service offering to educate our clients on the law and ensure their

Thoughts on WordPress’s New Gutenberg Editor

December 19, 2018–Released on December 6th, 2018, WordPress 5.0 was one of the most anticipated and hotly debated releases in WordPress history. It introduced Gutenberg, the new block based post editor and a drastic departure from the Classic Editor that has been included with WordPress since its inception. In this article we will be taking a closer