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January 23, 2024–In the field of design, trends come and go. As technologies evolve and user preferences shift, design trends naturally progress and adapt. Keeping up with the latest trends helps brands stay current and resonate more with consumers as their preferences evolve. Last year, we highlighted dynamic color, personalization, and simplicity. In 2024, we envision designers

A Definition of White Space: What It Is and How to Use It

January 10, 2023–“Let’s make sure we have enough white space so that the user can read this clearly!” Sound familiar? On any given project, you might have heard designers use terms and phrases to describe a particular layout or element of a product. “White space” is one such term, and it has a huge impact on how

November 18, 2022–Innovation in design is driven by people’s preferences and what’s possible through the latest technology. User experience and user interface design are related practices that balance creating effective websites while piquing users’ interest by using the latest trends. The internet is a vast place and new trends are evolving all the time. With our 20

How to Be Confident In Approving Your Website’s Visual Design

October 19, 2022–So here you are, just through the discovery phase of your website. Assuming you’ve defined clear goals of the project, done the proper research, and have a solid game plan to get there, it’s time to start creating. Whether you’ve hired a freelance designer or an agency, eventually there will be that moment when you’re