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The Importance of Blue-Sky Ideas on Any Budget

February 2, 2023–In ETR’s Purpose-Driven Design we have a principle we often use to refer to our consistent track-record of launching great products on-time and on budget. That principle is Innovation = Aspiration/Feasibility. What this principle means is that brand innovation based solely on creating trend-setting, cutting-edge, or industry-disrupting design is risky if the budget, resources, or

How Much Does a Website Cost?

October 19, 2022–A website costs exactly the same as a house or a car or a horse. The reality is that website design and development costs can range significantly depending on your requirements and expectations.  Off-the-shelf website costs Let’s start at square one (pun intended). On a high level, if you use off-the-shelf software like Squarespace and

Why a Smaller Design Agency is Better for Your Business

September 16, 2019–Large design agencies might lure you in with a big name, but it’s the lean and nimble agencies who consistently provide real value to their partners.