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Implementation services make up the third and fourth phase of our process map, Design and Develop, often accomplished in sprints.

In the implementation phase we start building the frame and picking out paint colors. This is often the most anticipated part of any project because we really start to see what all that strategy work has lead up to.

User Experience (UX)

The goal of UX is to determine out the optimal organization and hierarchy of content on each page and identify the right UI elements so the user can accomplish their goal.

Usability Testing

One of the most critical steps in any design process is usability testing. We need to validate that the product design we’ve created based on research works for users in the real world.

Content Migration

Content migration can be a mountain of work that is often overlooked. It can sometimes be done programmatically or a manual process conducted by the client or with ETR.

Visual Design (UI)

Informed by our creative direction, we first align on our art direction and begin iterating through a design approach. This often comes in the form of static comps or prototypes.

Open-Source Development

We take a technology-agnostic view and challenge ourselves to use the right tools to most efficiently and effectively accomplish the tasks at hand.

Video Production

Video is a powerful and effective communication tool. From live-action to animation, we’ll collaborate with you to create the right video to bring your message to life.


A clickable prototype allows you to get a sense of how it will feel to interact with your product and to start collecting data as you quickly test your solution with users.

Custom Application Development

Some products are so unique they require a bespoke ground-up build. We’ll work with you to define requirements and then purpose-build the product to those exact specs. 

Training + Support

When our work is complete, our goal is to leave you with a great product and the training you need to maintain and evolve it into the future.

In the field of design, trends come and go. As technologies evolve and user preferences shift, design trends naturally progress and adapt. Keeping up with the latest trends helps brands stay current and resonate more with consumers as their preferences evolve. Last year, we highlighted dynamic color, personalization, and simplicity. In 2024, we envision designers

Reid Hitt
Reid Hitt, Associate Design Director

‘Tis the Season to Commit to Exceptional Experiences: UX Resolutions for 2024

With December upon us, our thoughts turn to resolutions—the ways we can be better in the year to come. For us as an agency, that means constantly raising the bar for ourselves, our clients, our communities, our industry, our families, and our friends. For our UX team, whose job it is to advocate for users,