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Billion Oyster Project

Brand identity and website for a commendable mission.

At a Glance
We partnered with the Billion Oyster Project, whose mission is to reintroduce the oyster population in NY Harbor.
45 MM

New York Harbor was once home to over 200,000 acres of oyster reefs. Oysters played a vital role in the local marine ecosystem, filtering water and providing a habitat for other species. Today, oysters are nearly extinct in New York waters due to overharvesting and pollution. The Billion Oyster Project’s mission is to reintroduce live oysters into the harbor, which, in time, will lead to cleaner water and greater biodiversity.

First, we visited BOP on Governors Island in New York Harbor to learn more about their mission and unique challenges. After gathering information from their team of marine biologists, educators, students, and volunteers, we did a deep dive (pun intended) to explore the possibilities for their identity.ExpandTheRoom's early logo design sketches

Our early sketches of the logo explored different visual styles based on themes of water, the oyster, and the shield.The final BOP logo and color palette

The final logo, supporting brand elements, color palette, and typefaces.

The identity is built on a bold logo that incorporates historical typography, vibrant color, and the symbol of a shield. After arriving at a logo and supporting brand elements, we began a series of sprints to architect, design, and develop a responsive site. The end result was a powerful toolkit that has allowed BOP to continue their mission of restoration and education.BOP's branding featured at their yearly fundraising event

Billion Oyster Project's home page design example