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ETR is honored to be named as Socotra’s 2020 Agency Partner of the Year.

Combining Socotra’s modern backend with ETR’s UX and data integration expertise ensures a great experience for end-users and enables data-driven decision making for our clients.

The Socotra Platform

Socotra is a cloud-native insurance core platform that unifies underwriting, rating, policy management, claims, billing, and reporting. Its agile platform empowers you to build engaging products and customer experiences for any region, and distribute it any way you want. Socotra is the only core insurance platform with open APIs and publicly-available documentation, allowing teams to quickly and efficiently create, connect, and configure something real. The average Socotra customer goes live in eight months and saves 50% in implementation cost.

Flexible Yet Powerful Administration

With Socotra’s all-in-one policy administration system, you can easily and efficiently manage the complex interactions needed throughout the lifecycle of your policies, whether your business is single-line, single-state or multi-line, multi-country. Flexible configuration is supported for any line of business, including property and casualty, life insurance, specialty, workers comp, and more.

Design and Development Expertise

From our user experience and visual design capabilities to prototyping and full development, ETR has successfully partnered with Socotra on several exceptional insurance product integrations.

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