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SiriusXM Kiosk Application

When you only have a few minutes of their time, what’s the best way to introduce consumers to a new entertainment experience?

At a Glance

Sirius’s goal was simple, reach more consumers and drive sign-ups of their world-class service. Focus-testing and data lead us to our solution — an interactive kiosk that targeted consumers in car dealerships across the country.

installs in car dealerships across CT, NJ, and NY

With over 150 Channels of commerical-free music, sports, comedy, news and more, it can be an overwhelming amount of content for a first time user. Our goal was to create a manageable way for them to preview the options they'd like, then give suggestions on more content they might enjoy. With such a diverse set of entertainment options and users consuming it, this gives invaluable data to SiriusXM on the trends of consumers.

Our discovery process focused on understanding the needs of a casual user jumping in and finding their favorite stations quickly. ETR and SiriusXM worked together to define the core experience iteratively, then build on that prototype with design sprints and additional functionality highlighting all of the services offered with a subscription. The result was a snappy, polished application that was both informative and fun to use. Find your groove.

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