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Knewton Alta

Believing in their business and mission, we were thrilled when Knewton asked ETR to help tell their story to the world.

At a Glance

Knewton came to us with a request to help tell their story. Creating a video to tell this story was the solution.

Weeks from concept to final video

As a company, Knewton has a great story to tell. They are disrupting the education industry with their adaptive learning technology. Affordable and easy to use, Knewton combines proprietary technology with high-quality openly available content to help thousands of people everyday advance their education goals.

We had two primary goals to accomplish on this project: communicate how great a company Knewton is, and educate consumers about their alta product. After a number of concepting sessions with Knewton, it was decided that video was the right tool to best share this information.

The Knewton team is an impressive group of folks who spend their days at a really cool and fun office space in the Flatiron district of NYC. So, what better way to tell you about the company, their culture, and products than spending some time with those folks in their space. We decided that a live-action shoot would be the best approach, so we geared-up for a two-day shoot and got to work. Enjoy the results below.

We also made a shorter cut of the video with subtitles for the hearing impaired, and for use in acoustically challenging situations.

To help introduce Knewton’s alta product, we decided an animated video would be the most effective way to communicate the product’s promise and value. We defined an animation style that was in sync with their brand, dropped some VO at the famous Cutting Room studio, and had a ton of fun making it over a whirlwind 2-week timeline.

Learn more about the revolutionary things Knewton is doing in the education industry.

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