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Is Your Company Culture Quarantined? Here’s How To Get It Back

April 17, 2020–The importance of creating a vibrant culture for your remote team

How To Solve Remote Work Challenges: Five Tips From ETR’s Fully Distributed Team

March 13, 2020–As the coronavirus spreads, so does the new normal. For those who were around in the days immediately following 9/11, it’s strangely reminiscent. A new terminology took root (“If you see something, say something”), the news cycle became perpetual, and we adopted new practices, like actually being screened at airports – not just sprinting through

Going Distributed: How, Why, and Tips for Success

October 30, 2018–Update: Over the last few years, ETR has learned a lot more about how to be successful as a distributed team. We’ve compiled these insights in a related article aimed at helping other organizations better cope with the remote work challenges posed by COVID-19. Each year in Q1, ExpandTheRoom (ETR) has a senior offsite meeting.

Why We Have a Code of Conduct

May 22, 2018–ExpandTheRoom (ETR) recently published its first official code of conduct, which verbalizes our expectations for behavior in the workplace and establishes guidelines for enforcing those standards. Like the documents from which we (liberally) borrowed to construct it, we’ve made our code open source in the hope that it will spark conversations similar to the ones we’ve